Leech Lake, Muskoka

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Sunday, May 05, 2013

Loon Watch

Many have noticed a lone loon on our lake and I am wondering if it is by itself or has a mate.  Their time for nesting is this month and I would like to place some cautionary signs around this nest if it exists.  If anyone knows of the whereabouts of an active loon nest, please let me know by simply commenting to this posting.


Thanks for the support. Stewardship Committee Don

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Lake Outlet Musings

Was the disastrous flooding that took this past month a once in 100 year event or the result of the global warming trend? 

If the latter, can we expect more events like this in the near future? In this case if we simply replace the existing infrastructure will we be inviting more of the same problems in the future?  

How are we proposing to finance these repairs given that we were tapped out after last year's lake outlet project?  

Should we be looking at a solution that would withstand a flood level like we just experienced?    

Will the government bodies that have a say in these matters be satisfied with simply replacing what we had or would they be recommending a beefed up solution? 

Must we get any solution approved in writing by the government bodies that have jurisdiction over our lake? 

If we opt for a more sophisticated and stronger lake outlet drainage infrastructure will it result in elevated lake levels that will damage cottagers property? 

If we are in the traditional half load restrictions for the month of May how severely will this affect the cost of repairs done in May? 

Can we get any contractor to give us a fixed quote given the road restrictions or will we end up with an open ended cost plus job? 

Can the contractor that installed the culverts last summer be, in any way, held responsible?    

Alan Greenwood