Leech Lake, Muskoka

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Saturday, May 26, 2007


Lady Wolf wrote;

I keep reading about all the so called issues, and, frankly, I have had enough of the negatives of having a cottage on Leech Lake.

Sooooooooo, this is my idea: Why don't we try to get as many postings as we can about what is GOOD about having a cottage here?

OR stories about the past on the lake.....the fun, the parties, the scares

I will start it off with this wee story about my introduction to Leech Lake.

I came here for the first time about 9 yrs ago....I was so very amazed that you could see all the way to bottom of this clear, quiet lake. That night the stars were so bright, not dimmed by the lights of the city, they had no competition, these diamonds in the sky!!!!

My grandchildren love coming to Muskoka and to Leech Lake, tho some boaters forget there are small children trying to swim in the shallows and their wake knocks them over (another great reason to limit the size of boats) they have learned to swim, canoe, kayak.....have had the joy of making that first trip around the shark's tooth all by themselves!!!

We love coming out and sitting.....listening to the sounds of nature (not LOUD music from across the lake) so we often come during the week.....we have seen mink, bear, deer, a mother duck with 10 babies, beaver, and many more of muskoka's REAL natives....LOL

Yes, there are some problems, will always be when u cram people of so many different ways of thinking together, but all in all.......THE COTTAGE IS FOR ENJOYMENT FOR EVERYONE.....and all i see missing.....to make that possible.....is a little respect for your neighbors.....turn down the music...others may not like it.....dim the lights....turn them off at nite.....watch what your wake is doing to the shoreline.....in this rush up hurry world of ours, we often forget......the cottage is for getting away from all that........for sitting quietly with those we love.......listening to the sounds of the loon calling under a bright starry sky.....