Leech Lake, Muskoka

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Cottage signs at Lake Entrance

How do you feel about all these personal signs hanging off that tree. We are going to kill it you know. I was very disappointed when I came home to find a contractor had moved a couple of signs and put his right in the middle. I almost got out of the car and ripped it down.

I talked with the Town and they say all those signs are in violation of the sign by-law. They are on Town property and no sign permit exists. The also said it would be easy to apply and get a permit if we want to build a sign post.

What does everyone think about the Association getting a sign permit for that area, mount two telephone post (left & right) for cottage signs. This would allow the asosciation to control who puts up a sign, saves trees and gets signs off the ground.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

How to use this BLOG.

My son (Tim) has set this BLOG up for us to use as a communication tool for all stakeholders of Leech Lake. We can use this site to keep each other informed of the issues around the lake as well as a weather or crisis watch. My son has said we can even hook up a camera for those just wanting to look around the lake, awesome. I have asked him to limit "Postings" by myself only to start and allow anyone to publish a "Comment" to each of my postings.

If you would like a subject posted, just e-mail me at hill55@sympatico.ca and I will copy your complete e-mail onto this blog as a posting. Please, no profanity and let us keep to the subject of Leech Lake. For those without e-mail, just drop off or drop by and let me know your issues at #1127.

Hope you all enjoy this tool, check it regularly and please let us all know your comments on the postings.

Don Hill