Leech Lake, Muskoka

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Date & time – Sunday August 5th @ 1-5pm.
Extreme weather date Monday Aug 6th

1:15 “Ladderal” Donut Chomp
1:30 Kayak Races
1:45 Canoe & Frisbee Races
2:00 Hot dogs, Hamburgers & Corn
2:20 Swimming
- Kid’s to Adults by Age groups
- Little people - from the shore to adult waiting in H2O
- Teens & Adults groups– between noodle finish lines
3:00 Sack Races
3:20 Prize selection – calling by oldest to youngest this year
3:50 Adult & Kids Water Balloon Basketball
4:20 Egg Toss
4:40 Tug of War
5:00 Gift Basket Draw, 50/50 Draw & Closing

What to bring:
· $20 if you haven’t prepaid.
· Chair, bathing suit & water shoes. (Adults usually get wet too!)
· Life jackets for kayak & canoe races & novice swimmers.
· Canoe if possible for very popular Canoe & Frisbee races!
· Money for 50:50 draw ($2 each, 3 for $5)


The program was started in the summer of 2006 to collect data on shoreline vegetation, shoreline structures and the first 20 meters of land around a water body. All of the information gathered will contribute to the growing data base on the lakes in Muskoka and will identify long term trends respecting this important buffer zone.
The link supplied here http://www.muskokawaterweb.ca/1/1.1/PDF/LeechShoreline.pdf will show you our lake in PDF format, and you should be able to enlarge it to see specifically your property. Take some time to study your shoreline frontage and send feedback to Don Hill hill55@sympatico.ca . Don will be making changes to this map and posting these changes on the new bulletin board early next spring.
The Town of Bracebridge has and will continue to increase its bylaws pertaining to lake water quality and will be use this map for issuing and enforcing building permits and by-law infractions. Please note your shoreline on this map and assure yourself of its accuracy.