Leech Lake, Muskoka

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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Road Report February 28, 2013

Hello Leech Lakers;

We were ready but it seems that we missed the major bullet from the big storm this week.  We had an accumulation of  wet snow and it was heavy to move for sure, but the upswing here is that  the temperatures are getting warmer...thanks heavens!

The roads have been cleared and are in excellent shape once again and waiting for your arrival this weekend.

This  is what we woke up to this morning, beautiful post card setting.

Enjoy your weekend.

Jerry and Carol Cragg
1195 North Side

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Road Report Feb 23, 2013

Hello Leech Lakers,

Well after over a week without our Internet we are up and running once again. We would like to thank those who called and or dropped in to check on us out here in the bush to ensure that we were ok when the weekly road report was not sent.  Thank you we appreciate it.

Mother Nature sure is testing us on Leech Lake! As you can see by the photos of our dock, Jan. 17th, we did a good job of keeping it clear and visible but just a couple of weeks later, we give up she wins, we are sure tired of shovelling her stuff.

Even though we are tired of this snow it is beautiful here. The roads are in excellent shape. We see by the lights along the shoreline across from our place that many of you arrived safely and we wish you a safe journey back to the city.

Jerry and Carol Cragg
1195 North Side

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Road Report February 7, 2013


Sunday, February 03, 2013

Kudos for Leech Lake

 Congratulations Leech Lake Cottagers Association!!

A large component of the effort leading to this FOCA award is due to the untiring efforts of Larry Jacobs.

Larry is the drum major of a small marching band of cottagers that has the best interests of Leech Lake in mind. Larry's dogged determination has resulted in a number projects that resulted in better water quality practices and should result in a lake plan that will result in better cottaging for everyone on Leech Lake.

Below is the announcement of the ward.

The Federation of Ontario Cottagers’ Associations (FOCA) is pleased to present the Leech Lake Cottagers Association with the 2012-13 FOCA Achievement Award!

Each year the award is given to one of FOCA’s 500+ member associations.  The winner is chosen by the FOCA Board of Directors from a short-list of nominees who have realized significant accomplishments benefiting Ontario cottagers in general, or demonstrating innovation in their work with members and the surrounding area.

The Leech Lake Cottagers Association was chosen as the recipient for 2012-13 because of the great work that your Stewardship Committee has accomplished, such as the lake assessment and report, as well as benthic macroinvertibrate monitoring. Your group’s activities and active volunteerism show true lake stewardship and are an inspiration to other lake associations across Ontario. Keep up the good work!

-Tracy Logan, FOCA Membership Coordinator
FOCA’s Mission: To protect thriving and sustainable waterfronts across Ontario.

Late Road Report - Feb1, 2013

Hello Leech Lakers,

Well we made it thru another wrath of Mother Nature this week.  Five inches of snow, 25 mm of rain, ice pellets, fog, wind,+10 and then -10, all this within 48 hours..our poor birds and the neighbours squirrels didn't even venture out to their favourite feeder some days.

Well as you can see by the photos, (hopefully they come out in order) we decided to to try to show you each day to what we woke up to...what a roller coaster indeed.

The roads have a skiff of snow on them at the moment but that skiff is nothing but ice and they are very slippery we hope that we get more snow to give us something to grip while driving so when coming up, again, please drive with care.

The  lake was covered with water and slush Wednesday and  there is  open hole about 30 feet from shore between our cottage and the neighbours to the north. This morning (Friday) the lake looks frozen again with a skiff of snow....so be cautious.

Enjoy the photos.

Jerry and Carol Cragg
1195 North Side