Leech Lake, Muskoka

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Road Report March 25, 2010

Well HELLO all our fellow LEECH LAKERS!!

As you can see by our photo, the lake is on a very slow melt. Our paddle boat is a very lonely looking site indeed, floating all by herself on the waters edge waiting for the big boats to come on out and toss her around in their waves.

Well we don't know about you, but we are still convinced our Leech Laker Squirrel's forecast that spring is here is right on. Another spring indicator is that our cute little Leech Lake Chipmunks are out of hibernation, much to the dismay of their cousins the aggressively hungry Squirrels. So keep your tired winter weary spirits up!

It has been a mixed week weather-wise to say the least. We have had: snow, rain pellets, wind, cold and some sunny spots and the weather man calls for a really cold night tonight, (Thursday). We are sad to admit that there is still snow along the side of the road, in the bush areas and in our yards. The roads haven't had a chance to dry out either. They are still quite soggy, soft and have pot holes, so when coming on up, take care.

We have, for the most part, had a blast sending our photos and our personal take of the road and weather conditions and hope that you have all enjoyed our little ditties. On that note, we would like to let you know this will be our last "report". We sure look forward to others sending in their photos thruout the season along with your comments and will be looking forward to them.

Have a great and wonderful season on Our Beautiful Leech Lake. See ya on the water.

Jerry & Carol
1195 North Side

Friday, March 19, 2010

Otters on the Lake

Today we made our first official visit of 2010 to Leech Lake. The cottage appeared to weather well through the winter. The snow has all but gone from our property, just a wide swath at the driveway entrance evidence of the winter plowing.

There were three otters cavorting on the lake all afternoon. They had a number of holes in the ice near our cottage and would pop up periodically to survey the surrounding area. Then they would pop out of the water and cavort around for a while and then back into the water. These curious critters spotted me on the shore and would eye me from afar raising their heads from their ice holes. I heard a noise coming from the end of our dock. I thought it was the ice rubbing against the dock so I moved onto the dock to examine. When the dock started to move from my weight there was large splash and rush of water. It was one of the otters just off our dock.

These animals use our dock frequently as they left plenty of evidence. There were many small piles of fish scales deposited throughout the winter. I wondered if that is a painful experience for them. It would seem to me to be like passing mini razor blades. O well.

Isn't nature wonderful.

Alan Greenwood

Spring Break on Leech

Hi Everyone, hope you are having an amazing March break with family and friends.

We have had an absolutely beautiful week here on Leech Lake, the snow is melting fast, the lake is showing water under docks and around the waters edge. The roads are wet and pretty soggy with pot holes, no surprise there.

We have graded the north side everyday last week and have refilled all the blue barrels with sand, if you see any pot holes and you would like to contribute and fill the holes with sand its there for you. We cannot comment on the south side as we have not been over there. Slow and easy will save the roads and the cost of road repairs. Have a great and safe weekend.

Jerry & Carol
1195 North Side

Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring Comes to Leech Lake

Road Report March 12, 2010

We have had a unbelievable sunny week here at Beautiful Leech Lake, but unfortunately, dear old "Bob" (The New VR) weather man, says we are going to get rain and more rain for the weekend and into next week, what a bummer!!! But on a brighter note, it will certainly melt away more of that dirty white stuff.

The road conditions are typical for this time of year, some bare patches, snow covered and icy sections, and the usual ruts....so if venturing out to the cottage, drive carefully and have a great March break with your family and friends.

Now on a lighter note. There seems to be a few people on the lake that believe it our responsibility, and that we are being paid to maintain the roads all winter. This is not true! So, I am going to set you and the record straight. We were contracted to blow the snow off the roads, yes, but only after an accumulation of four inches. So if we get two inches on Monday, we stay home. Now, if we get another one inch on Wednesday, we stay home. If we get no more snow that week, we will do the roads on Friday, only because we have contracts to do a few driveways. So we drop the snowblower and the grader blade and do the roads, not because we have to, but I cannot see us driving around the lake without doing the roads at the same time. Man, could you see the complainers come out of the snowbanks then. So now if on a Wednesday or Thursday, if we had of received another inch or more of snow, you would have seen us on that day and not on Friday.

I really hope this helps all the people that travel these roads in the winter months. If anyone would like the roads graded they can hire the terminator at $50.00per hour.


Jerry & Carol Cragg 1195 Leech Lake Rd North. 705-645-8851. Hope to see you on the weekend.
This photo is the end of our dock, yes that's water, and under the water is still some ice, but be forewarned, the melt is happening. And the pot holes on the road are there, so be careful. Stay in the middle as usual.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Beautiful Leech Lake

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Road Report March 5, 2010

Well Hello Fellow Leech Lakers

We have had an amazing week of sunshine and warm temps! The roads are great, and believe it or not we have a little of the brown stuff showing. OMG!!!! Its about time don't you think? So, come on up, bring everyone, spouses, kids, aunts, uncles, animals, and gold fish, enjoy what is suppose to be an awesome weekend of sunbathing temps......cause we know you know what's waiting for you real soon........Again, drive in the middle of the road, whatever you do, DON'T go on the shoulders or you are sunk!!!

Jerry & Carol