Leech Lake, Muskoka

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Monday, August 10, 2015

Leech Lake Regatta August 2, 2015

The weather co-operated and 80-90 individuals enjoyed a fun filled event.

Thanks to Diane O'Hara and her committee for organizing and all those volunteers that pitched in to ensure a successful event. Also thanks to those that made financial contributions to ensure success. Below are a few of the pictures to illustrate the fun of the day.


Sunday, August 09, 2015

Loon Experiences

Last weekend (Simcoe Day) I was at the cottage (one of the few this summer). On Saturday I went out at 6:00 am and went around most of the lake starting at the point road across from us. About 7:00 am I was making my way to the small island on the south shore intending to go between the island and the shore. The loon family was in the narrow channel and when I cautiously entered they made their way out to more open water. I sat and watched them for a couple of minutes and then started to make my way home when all of a sudden three adult loons flew in. All six loons congregated in a circle and a couple spread their wings. Then they began dipping into the water and then all would dive. They would come up and repeat this ritual. It was quite an experience. We have seen this loon ritual once before many years ago in the fall.   

The next morning, Sunday started out and went to the point and then headed east. I was right out in front of Shepherd's cottage concentrating on the shore etc. I turned to direct the kayak south east and there beside me was the loon family. The baby was only about 20 feet away and did not seem too concerned. Nor did the adults seem alarmed that I was so close. I just kept moving along so to give them plenty of space. 

Unfortunately I did not have my  camera with me on either occasion. However I do have those two encounters in my mind’s eye.

 Alan Greenwood

Baby Loon at 3 Months

This is a picture of our Baby Loon at three Months. Picture taken by Barry Shepherd