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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Strategic Planning - Bracebridge

Strategic Planning for *The Town of Bracebridge:

* **Sent on behalf of the Economic Development Department, Town of Bracebridge.

*The Town of Bracebridge is beginning a strategic planning process. Part of this process calls for input from various stakeholders in the community. The objective of the plan process is meant to help get a better understanding of Bracebridge’s future through two working documents:
1. a Community-based Strategic Plan that will be used by the Town of Bracebridge as a means to establish annual priorities/progress reports and department business plans; and
2. a Community Adjustment Plan that will outline the activities required to create and sustain employment opportunities and diversify the local economy.

A critical aspect to a successful planning process is to get input from Town residents and business owners. We will be formally launching the public consultation on May 5th and the period of input will be until June 11th . There will be a large number of ways in which the community can participate including online surveys, leaving telephone messages, internet discussion boards, one-on-one stakeholder interviews, focus groups and submission of briefs.

After the draft documents are completed over the summer, a Public Open House will be held to present findings, answer questions and incorporate further input. It is anticipated that the Open House will take place in September. Bracebridge views seasonal residents as an important group from which to receive feedback.

For more information, or to provide your input, contact:*Jill Harris** **Economic Development Assistant, Economic Development Department** **Town of Bracebridge** **1000 Taylor Court** **Bracebridge, Ontario P1L 1R6** ***jharris@town.bracebridge.on.ca* <mailto:jharris@town.bracebridge.on.ca>** **Phone: 705-645-5264 Ext. 227** **Fax: 705-645-1262*


Finch has been contracted to grade and repair the lake road this year. January rains, caused some severe road damage that will require extensive fill in some areas and on most hills. The road must be frost free and relatively dry before any grading can take place. The present plan is that Finch will start the work next week and should have all repairs completed by the May long weekend.
We should also point out that there are 3 culverts on the south road and 2 on the north road that may require removal and either replacement or just fill. It is hard to make the decision on these culverts until we get into the actual work.
The right hand (North) road was used by logging trucks this past winter. You will notice a chained off dirt road leading off to the right just after #1037. This is the extent our road was used by the loggers and it is the opinion of the road committee that the road damage in this area is more severe due to their usage. Ken Geller (association President) will negotiate with these loggers for their share of the repairs.
Please add your comments to this BLOG posting for feedback to the road committee. If you have a specific area of the road you would like reviewed by the committee, please indicate the area as being between 911 driveway signs to help us locate the area you are talking about.Road Committee

Monday, April 28, 2008

Road Conditions

We ventured up to the cottage on Saturday April 19th. The Fraserburg Rd was ok. The frost heaves were abating in most places. The river was almost encroaching on the road at Fraserburg. Just before the 90 degree turn about 4kms. from the lake water covered 75% of the road for a short stretch.

At the Leech lake the centre portion of the road was free of snow. We noticed one small hole in the road and one spot where running water had gouged the edge of the road. This is along the north road (left) and only about a quarter mile along.

The ice had receded about 20-30 yards off our shoreline. The water level was higher than normal with quite a bit of ice yet to melt.

I will contact the road committee and get a timing for the seasonal grading and repair of the road.

If anyone has anything to report send it to me and I will post it to the blog

Alan Greenwood


Sunday, April 13, 2008

Blog Administrator 2008

Hi Cottagers,

I have agreed to take on the administration duties of the blog from Don Hill. I am not an experienced blogger so this is “on the job” training.

Please send me your submissions at agreenwood@rogers.com and I will get the posted to the blog in a timely fashion.

We are located on South Lakeshore Rd. This is our 21st year at Leech Lake. We love our spot and try to take the minimum from the environment and enjoy watching Mother Nature weave her magic.

We made our first trip of the year on Sunday April 5th. It was a mild day with a brisk east wind. We used a neighbour’s driveway to park and then had to shovel a path through the waist high drift at our own driveway. We were surprised to see no snow on our roof and very little around the cottage. The lake ice was still very thick and our floating dock frozen solid in the ice. There was evidence that the resident otters had been using our dock in the winter. I later found a hole in the ice under our lake side deck area that the otters had used to access the lake to obtain their supply of food. As well we spotted a wild turkey in the neighbour’s yard.

The water seems to be high according to our informal gauge which probably means that the beavers have been active at the end of the lake.

It was a very relaxing day, however the next couple of visits will be busy getting cleaned up and the water running before the black flies make their assault.

Alan Greenwood