Leech Lake, Muskoka

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

2012 Annual Meeting Impression

On Sunday July 8, 2012, Leech Lake Cottagers Association held their Annual Meeting.

The subjects included:
• Delinquent Dues Collection,
• Road Report & Future Issues,
• Culverts Replacement and Maintenance,
• Capital Contingency Fund and its Funding,
• Lake Stewardship Report,Water Quality & Issues
• Fish Stocking,
• Boating & Regulations,
• Dues Increase,
• Future Dues Levels,

All of the above subjects are important given that cottage owners have an investment in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Any missteps could impact that investment negatively. It is sad to report that only 28 cottages out of 122 (22.9%) were there in person or through proxy. So, 77% of cottage owners are entrusting their investment to the other 23% of cottage owners, some neighbours and others complete strangers.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Leech Lake 2012 “Bug Count”

Leech Lake 2012 “Bug Count” - Sunday, July 22nd, 2012

* New* Prizes for Volunteer Counters

Time: 9:00 am set-up & collection start / Counting starts at approx 10am

Place: Hembling / McCoy cottage. 1037 Lakeshore Rd (Right side)

Varieties of tiny creatures live in our lake sediment and form an essential part of the lake food chain. These little critters are sensitive to stressors such as toxins and pH etc. that enter the lake from the surrounding environment. Monitoring changes to this population tell us about the health of our lake's ecosystem, and if required, to consider and then take remedial action.

The collection will be done by a Biological Monitoring Technician from the District of Muskoka with the help of Fleming students. After collection we will identify and count macro-invertebrates. For the less outdoorsy types - please be assured that counting is done on the shore, the "bugs" confined to plastic collection trays and there is nothing gross in the process!

Bug counters will be awarded tickets for their collection and will be able to cash these in for prizes!

This is great education for adults and older kids. High school kids can use the time toward their volunteer hours.

E-mail vmccoy@rogers.com before Thursday night or call 705-645-9692 (no answering machine) on the weekend with RVSP or questions.

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Cottager Rental Guide

For those that rent their cottage, below is an excellent guide for lessees and cottagers. This was composed by Valerie McCoy.
Welcome to our Community!

You likely came to cottage country for the same reasons we do. Escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life into the great outdoors. You’ve come to the right place! We have fresh air, a clean spring-fed lake, abundant wildlife, starry skies and so much more. Here is what we all do to keep it that way & why.

Garbage is put out on pick-up day only. Overnight garbage is placed in an animal proof bin. Ask a neighbor if you can use their bin if needed. If you are composting – know what should not be put in
Garbage left overnight can be attacked by animals including bears. Bears will return to the same spot they found “food” in for up to 5 years. Then the remains of the torn apart garbage need to be cleaned by others
Phosphate free products are chosen for washing and cleaning. We never wash in the lake
Phosphates and other harmful chemicals make the way into the lake promoting excess plant and algae growth
Septics are kept in good working order by limiting the water entering them, regular pumping, and keeping chemicals and non-degradable items out of them
Letting the system break biodegradable waste down limits the possibility of harmful bacteria, phosphorous and nitrogen entering the lake
Food  is not left outside overnight and BBQ’s are cleaned so animals are not attracted
Wildlife and cottagers live together safely when they respect each other’s boundaries
Boats used in other water bodies are cleaned dried and drained before launching in our lake. Bait buckets and live bait are never emptied into the lake
Invasive species  such as zebra mussels can enter the lake causing disease and damage in native species
Campfires are enjoyed safely. The status of the Muskoka Forest Fire Rating safety sign on Fraserburg Road in noted. Fires aren’t set when windy. Limits to fire width and height are 2m (6.5ft). Don’t leave your fire unattended. Keep a water source handy. Douse your fire thoroughly when finished.
The closest fire station is so far away that a spreading fire poses significant danger to all of us!
Vegetation in and around the shoreline is kept natural and purposely not cut or fertilized
Shoreline vegetation filters out septic effluent and run-off. It is a home for fish, frogs, and turtles. Short grass attracts Canada geese.
Lead sinkers are not used and fishing line is retrieved whenever possible
Line and sinkers left behind can - and have trapped and poisoned wildlife such as loons.
Wildlife is viewed from a safe distance for both you and them and not harassed. Never leave food out overnight or in tents.
We value the creatures here for their beauty and a sign of a healthy environment. Read up on what to do if you encounter a bear.
Enjoy your time here. Be aware if pets, excessive noise and lights are interfering with relaxation or star gazing
We have a small lake so our neighbors are close. We all unwind in different ways so let’s all respect that.

Wild Life

Photos by Barry Shepherd:

I am not sure if this frog is common but it was on our beach early Sunday morning. Its about 2 1/2 inches long and the circle behind the eye is not something I have seen before.

I got a shot of the loons together. Unfortunately there is only one little one. With all the motors and fireworks its a wonder they can survive.

Canada Day - Leech Lake

These are photos taken by Barry Shepherd. The flag is at Clarke's on the south road. My question was, who put the flag up? they tell me the bought it at an auction last year.

For sure one of the kids is a grand child of Barry Shepherd

More Bear Sightings

I have learned of an incident on Pine Lake, June 23rd, the  morning following our encounter, 
and a sighting at Tretheway Falls this past week.  Also a bear or bears has/have been
wandering around a subdivision in town.  Wildlife is in abundance this
year, most likely because of the 'gentle' winter we had!?

Sharon Hill