Leech Lake, Muskoka

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Road Report February 26, 2010

Leech Lakers, a word of caution!

We currently have 2 inches of very heavy wet snow sitting on an ice base. It is now raining so the road is deteriorating thus very hard to navigate.

If you decide to come to your cottage this weekend, you must use extreme caution on the road. If you don't need to come up, then don't, there are always other weekends. You may get stuck and even a tow truck may not be able to help you out.

We were out doing the roads, the snow is way too heavy to throw, and the tractor is just chewing up the wet base and making it worse, so we need to wait for a freeze to clean it up.

Jerry & Carol

Friday, February 19, 2010

Road Report February 19, 2010

Hi Guys, hope you all had a good Valentine's weekend. It is beautiful and mild out today and the weather man says he will co-operate for the rest of the weekend too.

We just got in from plowing the roads for you. So you are aware, on the south side the base may be a little soft. To our suprise, there was a very large delivery truck traveling on it and did some damage to the base. We blew the snow and graded the road twice, but some spots remains a little soft.
As well, this past weekend friends of some of the new cottagers got stuck on the road because their cars had no snow tires. So, please guys, when you have company let them know that this is only a small single lane cottage road and it is snow packed.

When people get stuck on the road, invariably others wanting to use the road must wait until the stuck car gets pulled out. The ripple effect is that the road gets ripped up and it takes a while to pack it down and get a good base again.

If we can make a suggestion, have guests stay at the turn around and have the best vehicle you have for our roads meet them at the turn around, and drive them in. This is safer for everyone and we are sure, you will all have a more enjoyable weekend.

Jerry & Carol

Friday, February 12, 2010

Road Report - February 12, 2010

Well, we have had a great week with no snow and bright sunshine. But its cold!!! The roads are again in great shape and you know the drill, stay well into the middle while driving or if you ski-doo in, avoid the soft shoulders and you should have a great uneventful and safe drive in on the cottage road. So bring your honey and enjoy Valentine's Day at your cottage with our picture perfect scenery of Leech Lake.

Happy Valentine's Day

Jerry & Carol

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Our own Leech Laker squirrel is made of tougher stuff than other rodents. Not only does she brave cold temperatures to come out and guard the bird feeder, she doesn't run away from a little thing like a shadow. So she says bring on an early spring cause she has invited her relatives to come and join her.
We received about 9" of fresh show this week the road have been cleared and ready for you to rock and roll. Most of this week has been nice and sunny and the weather man is calling for a nice weekend. Once again, drive safely & have a blast. Cars and ski-doo's please stay in the centre of the roads, the shoulders remain soft and you will sink.

Jerry & Carol