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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Lake Outlet Musings

Was the disastrous flooding that took this past month a once in 100 year event or the result of the global warming trend? 

If the latter, can we expect more events like this in the near future? In this case if we simply replace the existing infrastructure will we be inviting more of the same problems in the future?  

How are we proposing to finance these repairs given that we were tapped out after last year's lake outlet project?  

Should we be looking at a solution that would withstand a flood level like we just experienced?    

Will the government bodies that have a say in these matters be satisfied with simply replacing what we had or would they be recommending a beefed up solution? 

Must we get any solution approved in writing by the government bodies that have jurisdiction over our lake? 

If we opt for a more sophisticated and stronger lake outlet drainage infrastructure will it result in elevated lake levels that will damage cottagers property? 

If we are in the traditional half load restrictions for the month of May how severely will this affect the cost of repairs done in May? 

Can we get any contractor to give us a fixed quote given the road restrictions or will we end up with an open ended cost plus job? 

Can the contractor that installed the culverts last summer be, in any way, held responsible?    

Alan Greenwood


At 6:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can Lakeshore Rd North be used with a 4 X 4 to get past the culvert washout area?
It would be worthwhile to see if there is any emergency repair funds available from government agencies for this repair.

At 7:46 PM, Anonymous Don Hill said...

The North Rd. is driveable with a 4x4 truck, I just drove in tonight. The shorter the wheelbase, the less the thump.

I was at a Town meeting yesterday with a representative of ODRAP (provincial gov't disaster program). He told us 'they are the only game in town' and private roads are not covered under their program. He also said 'a prudent owner has some insurance to carry them through tough times', he was talking to the Mayor and carried on to say they are the last resort after the Town has used up any of their reserves to cover these costs.

At 8:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do we spend precious time trying to negotiate how to better repair the road for another flood that might not happen, or do we get the road in a condition that would allow access if someone has a need for an ambulance?
Do we want it rebuilt more robust, which means a lot more $$ that we do not have, or do we put back what was there, and bet that this is a once in a long time flood?
When was the last time we had washout on both sides of the lake?
Is it even reasonable to assume it would wash out again in the next decade?
Who put the culverts in on the south side of the lake? Should we be going after them to warrantee their work too, since the same flood took out both culverts?

At 3:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually conditions such as occurred last month happen fairly regularly. Six times in the past 20 years. So could we be in the same position of having to continue to throw money at this.

Frankly, I think we should get on with what we need to do to get the Town to take on road maintenance.

At 5:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree Lakeshore Drive should not be our responsibility, the town should be asked to take over, one catch though, before they do it will have to be brought up to their standard. One of these years we will have to bite the bullet!

At 7:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

About 6-7 years ago a vote was taken at the AGM after extensive investigation was done as to what funds were available as to the Town taking the road over. A community improvement was avaiable funds possibly fro Provence etc. At the meeting it was voted down big time. Dont forget a deadman owns a good third of the road on the southside. Nothing has been completed to get the Town to take ownship(they,the Town own all of the rest of north and south side. The Town will take this portion they dont own but will not spend any money on litigation ie Lawyers fees. At the AGM the consences of opinion was that it was not need for the Town to take over the road. Can this flood happened again, yes in year 2000 there was a flood 290mm of rain in 16 hours.

At 4:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would someone who has knowledge of the current status of the roads please post a detailed update on the status of both the north and the south roads on the Lake. Details indicating where the washouts are located (911 Cottage numbers would be helpful), and if they are completely impassable, etc., would be much appreciated.

At 5:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

culvert on north side has been repaired for anyone who is interested in coming up long wknd

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