Leech Lake, Muskoka

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Thursday, October 26, 2006

High Speed Internet

Tower over Satelitte

There are two services available for high speed internet connections in the Bracebridge area. Only one (satellite system) is available down Fraserburg road.

The satellite system from Xplornet.com costs $800.00 to get set-up through their Muskoka provider (Muskoka.com). You buy a satellite dish and a modem unit that plugs into your computer, I believe the dish will face the same direction as your satellite TV dishes. The services start at $55.00/mo. for a basic mail box of 50MB, 128Kbps uploading speed and downloading speed of 512Kbps. My dial-up runs at 44Kps., which means I should expect sending messages to be almost 3 times faster and receiving messages almost 12 times faster. I would need to up the mail box limit because my son sends me pictures of my grandson that can be greater than 50MB at times which I would assume would be rejected by the incoming server because my mailbox would be constantly full.

The other is a tower system offer through Candelight.ca. They cannot service us presently because we are not in range of the existing tower. They say if we could get 25 people who would interested in the service by e-mailing them of their interest, they would propose a tower for the area. Their costs are around $400.00 to get set-up and presently the service starts at $45.00/mo. for 15GB of system mailbox. Their speeds are much faster as well, boasting upload and download speeds of 3.0Mbs. Again, my dial-up runs at 44Kps. which means I would receive and send almost 680 times faster (hope the math is right) than what I do now.

So what do people think? Can I talk anyone into sending off an e-mail to Candlelight saying they would be interested in having high speed tower service?

Let everyone know your thoughts, add your comments onto this publishing.


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Election 2006

Who's who....

We received by mail the information on voting in the upcoming elections.
Since we don't live year round on Leech, we were looking for some
recommendations on who to vote for. Naturally we are interested in
candidates who care about roads - and are particularly interested in any
politician who thinks private roads like ours should be taken over by the

Line Villeneuve.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Environmental Friendly Products

Valerie wrote;

Here is the update on environmentally friendly cleaning products. The company I mentioned during the meeting was Nature Clean, manufactured by Frank Ross & Sons in Toronto http://www.franktross.com/.

I called, spoke to Paul Ross & asked where they could be bought in Bracebridge area. He was surprised they were not more visible & mailed me a listing of SKU approvals at major chains such as National Grocer. I can bring a copy to the next meeting.In the Independent, I found them in the health food section.We can pester store management to put them in the "regular" cleaning product aisle which I suggest start in late spring where they will see greater turnover over summer months.

I bought dish soap, dishwasher soap & oven cleaner (for BBQ grates). I have used them in addition to the toilet bowl cleaner I already had since our meeting. All work well except I wasn't thrilled with the oven cleaner.