Leech Lake, Muskoka

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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Canada 150 on Leech Lake

On July 1, 2017, Leech Lake Executive hosted a pancake breakfast to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday. President Larry Jacobs was Chef for a Day. A great time was had by all

Chef Larry

Monday, June 26, 2017

Loon Family 2017

Happy Days! We have a loon family on the lake this year. The photo is from Fran Gross

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Storm of June 17, 2017

We had a frightening storm on Saturday June 17th that caused extensive damage around Leech Lake. Many trees and hydro poles were down that resulting in a power outage that lasted  4-5 days. As well many cottage were damage. Below are some of pictures taken on the south road.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Fall Colours

Fall colours taken around our cottage

Saturday, October 08, 2016

Leech Lake Regatta 2016

LLCA Regatta 2016

As coordinator, my first task is to thank all our volunteers.  Everyone on the executive – Larry, Kim, Hy, Susan and Jerry (who graded the grounds) - assisted.  Then special mention needs to be made to the following: Deborah Burton who helped with the games, Paulette McGuckin who helped to organize the gifts and pitched in everywhere, Mike O’Hara who took charge of the barbeque, Barry Shepherd who judged the 2 photo contests, and Mark Shepherd who was called upon at the event to supervise and accompany the canoe then the kayak races. 

Many thanks for the donations – over $200. - collected at the entrance.  There was a free draw for last year’s unclaimed black berry phone won by a young boy – Ben O. – who was ectastic – “I won, I won” followed by “What is this?”.  Other draw prizes went to Blair Clark for the pirate cruise, Maureen Fitzpatrick for the Santa’s Village passes. Brad Clark won the hockey jersey donated by Tracy Henze.  Winners of the photo contest were Manix Cole and Madison Robertson.

We hired to team to paint faces.  What fun that was – rushing to get painted between games.
We played the same 7 games as in previous years then added the kayak races.  First, second, third and participant ribbons were given out, some with ribbons covering their shirts.  And of course there were the ‘summer games’ gifts for all at the end.  What was really great was seeing children and adults playing together.

Our theme is FUN, FOOD, FRIENDSHIP.  Certainly we achieved this on Regatta Day - Sunday, July 31 with an attendance of close to 100.

Diane O’Hara

Susan Doolan

Hanging Donuts
Blinfolded Pudding Contest
Canoe Capers

Mike Ohara
Christine Jacobs

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Winter Scenes on Leech Lake

Pictures were contributed Sherri Youngman:
These photos were taken in late December 2015.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

State of the Lake Project 2015

During the weekend of October 3/4 a team of 4 ecological students from Fleming College in Lindsay were on our lake to complete a project that will provide us with a status of the state of our lake in a variety of categories.

The project summary is as follows:

Ecosystem Management Program, Fleming College

A condensed State of the Lake report to include:
  • Summarized water chemistry data: conductivity, pH, alkalinity, suspended solids, turbidity, nitrates, nitrites, total phosphorus, dissolved oxygen, temperature.
  •  Comparison of the above data to Muskoka averages, and Leech Lake data from 2010 – 14.

  • Summarized data and analysis of: zooplankton and phytoplankton inventory.
  •  Comparisons of data to historical Leech Lake data and Muskoka averages.

  • Summarized data, analysis and conclusions about benthic (envertebrates/bug) census. Samples to be taken from two identified sites for comparison with Muskoka averages and historical Leech Lake data.

  • Sample 20-30 sites around Leech Lake for ecoli.

  • Develop a plan for re-naturalization of one to two demonstration sites on selected member properties. 

  • Recommend elements of a plan to communicate the importance of natural shorelines and the potential impact for the demonstration sites. 
The Team consisted of (from l to r) Peter Krzeminski -Omemee ON, Kady Bilodeau, Old Fort Bay P.Q., Meagan Walsh Alliston ON, and Sierra Vandenberg Foxboro ON
Each of the team have undergraduate degrees from Canadian universities and are continuing their ecological studies at Fleming College.
Kudos to Murray Hall for assisting the team with their data collection and Christine and Larry Jacobs for hosting the team during the project