Leech Lake, Muskoka

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Road Report March 21, 2013

Hello Leech Lakers,

Well, it is sad but true, he's back! Yes old man winter is here to stay we think.  We got a little tease last week but back he came with a vengeance, we had snow falling on our heads all week.  Enough already, hate that guy!!! Even the squirrels have not been around, and the birds have been scarce. 

The roads are once again are cleaned and ready for your arrival. 

Enjoy your weekend.

Jerry and Carol Cragg
1195 North Side



Sunday, March 17, 2013

LL Ontario Cottagers Award


Early in 2013 Leech Lake was awarded the Federation of Ontario Cottagers’ Associations (FOCA)  the 2012-13 FOCA Achievement Award!  
Each year the the FOCA Board of Directors selects one of FOCA’s 500+ member associations for its Acievement Award.  The winner is chosen by from a short-list of nominees that have realized significant accomplishments benefiting Ontario cottagers in general, or demonstrating innovation in their work with members and the surrounding area.  
The Leech Lake Cottagers Association was chosen as the recipient for 2012-13 because of the great work done by our Lake Stewardship Committee, such as our lake assessment report and our benthic macroinvertibrate monitoring.
Hopefully this recognition will spur us on to accomplish more in our quest to have an environmentally friendly lake that supports a healthy relationship between humans and nature.
Valerie McCoy (pictured above) was on hand at the FOCA March meeting to accept this award on behalf of Leech Lake Cottagers Association. An award plaque will eventually be mounted in a suitable place on our lake for all to see.
Valerie spearheads the yearly benthic program that gives us a snapshot of our lake invertebrates population and over time will provide trends of our lake's health.
Kudos also to Larry Jacobs for his untiring work toward the development of a lake plan for the overall well being of Leech Lake.


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Road Report March 14, 2013

Hello Leech Lakers,

With the warm temperatures and the rain we had over the last couple of days we sure indeed received a nice melt, but the colder temperatures are back and the melt has slowed down.

The roads are typical of this time of year, snow packed, icy patches and gravel areas.  

If you compare the attached photo to last weeks of our dock, you can see how much snow we lost. This morning the lake looks smooth with a dusting of snow over it, but under that crust of icy/snow mix is a lot of slush.

Enjoy the photos.

Jerry and Carol Cragg
1195 North Side

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Road Report March 7, 2013


Hello Leech Lakers,

We have had beautiful sunshine most of this week and the melt is on, hooray.  The birds are singing the squirrels are chasing each other, what an encouraging site.  According the Bob the weather man, we have had record snow for February which is traditionally known for its gloomy days and cold temperatures.  This weekend looks like it will be sunny and warmer temps.  Bring on the spring weather we are sure ready for it.

The roads and driveways are ready and waiting for you. We still have alot of snow and the roads are snow packed with icy patches and yes...some bare spots on the hills, oh the joy.

Remember, although we are experiencing warmer day time tempatures, the nights are still pretty cold and this gives us icy roads in the mornings.As always drive with care and enjoy the photos.

Jerry and Carol Cragg
1195 North Side