Leech Lake, Muskoka

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Cottage signs at Lake Entrance

How do you feel about all these personal signs hanging off that tree. We are going to kill it you know. I was very disappointed when I came home to find a contractor had moved a couple of signs and put his right in the middle. I almost got out of the car and ripped it down.

I talked with the Town and they say all those signs are in violation of the sign by-law. They are on Town property and no sign permit exists. The also said it would be easy to apply and get a permit if we want to build a sign post.

What does everyone think about the Association getting a sign permit for that area, mount two telephone post (left & right) for cottage signs. This would allow the asosciation to control who puts up a sign, saves trees and gets signs off the ground.


At 8:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just though I would comment on a couple of things if I may. First I agree that the sign posting on the fork of the road is an eye sore! All that is necessary to tell your guests is to turn Right or Left. That doesn't sound to hard to me. Never really understood the reason for all these I.D. signs. Not to mention that it kills the trees.
Also would like to remind folks that it is NOT o.k. to shampoo in the lake even if you are using bio-degradable shampoo. The suds form on the water just the same and end up on other beaches etc. I witnessed this this last weekend. It is just not acceptable nor necessary!
Love the idea of this site and hope you get lots of good news stories as well.
Jeanette Hubbert Lot 1126.

At 9:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The charm of being at the cottage has always been that it was relaxing and so different from City life where there are rules and by-laws and restrictions and people are up-tight. Unless activities are seriously harming our shared environment eg. septic leeching, I say cottage signs and ATV's are just fine and all part of people having fun. What's wrong with that? Relax and enjoy it folks. Let's try not to turn our lake community and this blog (which I think is a great idea) into a battle ground. As Rodney King said, "Let's just all try to get along"

At 4:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very good and I thank you.

I do not favour having an installation set up for road signs. It is real messy at the entrance to the lake. We all have our property signs at our cottage and can also have a sign at our cottage with our name.

Very easy to give guests instructions to our cottage. e.g. turn right our left and our cottage number is xxxx.

I also find it disturbing that an owner on the right side of the lake is advertising his financial services. This is cottage country. Set up your business in town.

Thanks again. Keep it coming.

Ernie Jones. 1135 Lakeshore Drive. e-mail..ernieandyeda@aol.com

At 11:16 AM, Blogger Ray Munroe said...

have no problem with the COTTAGE signs.....looks "cottagy"....but the business signs that have replaced some of the cottage signs do offend me..i have been on the lake for over 8 yrs...pat and i took it upon ourselves to clean that corner 2 yrs ago....and have watched as new owners have slowly tried to turn the lake into a yuppie resort instead of the quiet little lake i first fell in love with...if u want all the amenities of city life....stay in the city...if u want to commune with nature....hear the loons call (which they won't do much longer if idjits in power boats keep chasing them)....watch a family of ducks play in the water......then come to leech lake....have fun....do no damage...btw..we have NO sign....we tell folks to turn left and look for the garbage bin with 2 wolves....and they will be at the 'wolves' den'....*S....Ray Munroe

At 10:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The issue seems to that the signpost situation is a tradition for those cottagers who choose to do so. However,when you have small minded companies that come in and move your signs to accomodate theirs the answer is simple, remove their sign and/or tell them to remove it and just blacklist them from any work on the lake.

At 7:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

just thot it had been a while since i blogged here....sitting here, watching the sun come up, and thinking about all this snow melt, makes my mind turn toward the cottage....the clean up...the opening up....the hammock up....going to the cottage should be an UP time....lol...
atv's on the road.....if the kids r riding them, it is prob illegal...but when they r jumping boulders or spinning out at the end of my drive making more holes for me to fix....i walk up and let them know that is NOT ok...they think is just that crazy woman again....but they stop....the mess with the signs has tempted me several times to sneak out in the dark of the night and take ALL the signs down....those signs are an eyesore, but some of these folks have worked hard every moment of their lives to be able to own a cottage...or have been on leech lake since the beginning.....not many, if any of those left on the lake.....but many have been owners more than a quarter of century...
what i think folks should start doing is keeping their own right of ways clean...and neat...and go up and help out with the weed eating round the bulletin board and signs.....is amazing how much better it looked when pat and i were clearing it a couple years ago....
the lake has many wonderful memories for pat...she is one of the 'oldies'...was her first real estate purchase ....but it is changing....
i remember when i first came to the lake over 8 yrs ago....u REALLY could see the bottom...but then....not many folks lived there full time....and those that did were careful to guard the lake, check their septics regularly...etc..
owning any property has its responsibilities.....we try to manage the bush at our home with regard to health, animals, and our needs....we will wind a trail around that really old oak tree, rather than cut it down to make easy for us......
it is getting easier...more products coming out every day called 'green products'....
soooooooo.....clear the area around the signs....teach ur kids not to be skidding those atvs around on other folk's property....teach them to wear helmets...or ride a bicycle.....or take that old canoe out on the lake with them....tell them stories of when u were a kid...have a picnic on the wee island....but for the sake of the loons...don't chase them....don't try to catch the baby ducks or loons....and watch as those blue heron fly.....ENJOY

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