Leech Lake, Muskoka

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fleming College Team on LL

Hi Folks,
Below are resumes of the Fleming College team that will be on the lake in mid-October. They will be a number of tests to determine water quality as well as taking a fish census.
T  Information they gather and recommendations they make will help us develop a plan to maintain a healthy lake for generations.
  If you encounter these young team this week stop and say hello.

Credit for Product: Team Charter Group 11
Group:  Courtney Allison, Holli Campbell, Alannah Hunt, Grace Taurozzi
1.0  Team member profiles

1.1   Courtney Allison, coalliso@flemingc.on.ca, # 705-308-3583
·         Bachlour of Arts, Honours majoring in Environmental Studies at Carleton University, 2012
Previous team and leadership
·         Weekend supervisor: Central Sterile Supply, The Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, Ottawa Ontario, 2006-2010
·         Salad Bar Supervisor: Moncion’s Independent Grocer, Riverside South, Ontario, 2009-2011
·         Day Camp Counsellor:  Circle J Ranch, Metcalfe, Ontario 2004-2010
Relevant work
·         Thesis written on water quality in the Rideau Valley Watershed using benthic samples
·         Rideau Valley Conservation Authority: lake and benthic sampling, benthic identification, electro fishing
Personality Characteristics and Work Ethics
Outgoing and enthusiastic individual - Determined and hardworking - Committed - Confident in working as a team and as an individual - Excellent time management and organizational skills.
Personal Goals
Maintain an over 85% average and develop skills from this experience that can be applied to potential jobs after graduation.

1.2   Holli Campbell, hocampbe@flemingc.on.ca, # 705-344-4001
Ecosystem Management Technician Diploma, Sir Sanford Fleming College, 2012
-Benthic, aquatic plants and fish identification
Relevant work experience and Previous Team and Leadership
Sustainable Campus Student Worker: Fleming College ,May 2012-Present
Ontario Nature Restoration Intern: Ontario Nature Conservancy ,April 2012- invasive species monitoring
Community Environmental Leadership Program Student Teacher: Norwell DSS, September 2009-June 2009
Work Ethics and Personality Characteristics
Hard working individual - Great interpersonal and teamwork skills - Sound time management and organizational skills - Outgoing personality.
Personal Goal for the semester
Maintain and achieve and over 80% average as well as use the skill and knowledge obtained from Fleming college in a work place setting.

1.3   Alannah Hunt, alahunt@flemingc.on.ca, # 709-632-9611

Bachelor of Arts: Environmental Studies, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Class of 2011
Relevant Work, Team and Leadership Experience:
Archaeological Field Technician: Stantec, Goose Bay, NL, July 23-August 31, 2012
Education and Research Coordinator: Model Forest of Newfoundland and Labrador and Newfoundland and Labrador Environmental Educators, January 9- July 22, 2012
Assistant Outdoor Education Coordinator: Western School District, Corner Brook, NL,   September – October, 2011
Zipline Guide: Marble Zip Tours, Stead Brook, NL, April- August, 2011
Research Assistant: Environmental Policy Institute – Memorial University of Newfoundland, Corner Brook, June – September, 2012
One Month White Water Canoe Trip, Camp Tanamakoon CIT program, Northern Ontario, August 2005
Personality Characteristics and Work Ethic:
-Team player who can easily transition between team member and team leader - Strong interpersonal skills - Flexible and adaptable - Able to manage time, thrive under deadline pressure, adapt, multitask and achieve goals - - Excellent map and compass skills – Good Listener.
Personal Goals:
My goal is to achieve at least an 85% average, while absorbing as much information and advice as possible through active and enthusiastic participation in all opportunities that are made available to me.  

1.4  Grace Taurozzi, gtaurozz@flemingc.on.ca, # 647-378-0924
University of Toronto, Honours Bachelor’s Degree of Science, 2012
Relevant Work, Team and Leadership Experience:
Research Assistant: University of Toronto, May-August2012
Co-president:  The L Film, University of Toronto, January-May2012
Personality Characteristics and Work Ethic:
·         I value planning, detailed scheduling, and keeping on task.
·         I work well with guidelines and am also a team player.
·         Enthusiastic, dedicated, and motivated.
Personal Goal:
Produce a high quality product that I can be proud of and the client can be satisfied with and get professional work experience that I can use to establish my career.