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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Lake Executive Resignation

Below is a post request I received that is the rationale behind Larry Jacobs recent resignation from the Association executive but with some very positive suggestions about the way ahead for the Lake Association."
Blog Administrator

As Chair of the Stewardship Committee over the past two years, I coordinated efforts to develop robust and actionable knowledge of the factors impacting water quality and community enjoyment around Leech Lake.  This effort includes work with Fleming College; educational pieces on loons, septic systems, E Coli levels, invasive species, water levels, small aquatic life and fish stocking.  This work is by no means complete.   I believe our stewardship accomplishments represent the type of energy and effort that members expect of all Executive members.   
Unfortunately, the current Executive is letting down members in a number of key areas.  They want to hold on to outdated methods of working despite the fact there is a growing number of people who have chosen to not pay dues.   Don Hill and I came onto the Executive with an activist perspective and passion for change.  We proposed a number of changes to the way in which spending was managed and contractors should be managed.  These were rejected.  In my opinion, the current Executive lacks the vision and passion needed to move the Association forward. 
Let’s look at the accomplishments of the current Executive
Arguably, summer road conditions in 2012 were the worst in recent memory.   This traces directly to over-spending in 2011 when road maintenance spending was 110% of collected dues.  Of course, the replacement of outflow culverts was a significant part of this.  The Executive failed to act on proven, identified cost savings for the culvert project and Don Hill and I were asked to butt out.
The Association did win a FOCA environmental award, but this was accomplished with little funding and resistance on several issues by some members of this Executive.
The Regatta was neglected and was not held in 2012.  And it may not happen in 2013 even though I offered to provide prizes and all of the food free of charge. 
Winter road maintenance this winter has been outstanding.  Road reports are a great feature for visitors.   Unfortunately, the relationship between a valued contractor and neighbour and key members of the Executive does not represent the Association in a positive manner.  The Executive also failed to act on recommendations that would have reduced the cost of this valuable service this winter and going forward. 
Effective teams have the ability to entertain good ideas from anyone and embrace shared leadership.  That is not something this Executive could embrace and the process became extremely fractious.   I chose to resign over this dysfunctional process of meeting after meeting of valuable time, effort and money wasted.  
A Vision for the Path Forward
Rather than simply withdraw from Association activities, I prefer to move the reform agenda further by becoming more involved.   I will be running for the position of President this year.  I don’t know whether the current President plans to stand for re-election.  I have a platform for reform to make the Association more responsive to members and in particular the growing number of individuals who have chosen to not pay dues because of the issues they have with the manner in which the Association’s Executive has managed lake affairs over the past several years.
Here are the types of changes to the constitution I would pursue with the energy to get it done.
·         Make the Association more democratic.  Initially I would institute an annual survey of all stakeholders.  The results of the survey would be used to set the direction for the Executive for the next year.  All of the points below will be pursued if stakeholders indicate their approval through surveys.
·         If stakeholder interest is sufficient, I would explore absentee / internet voting on key issues such as Executive elections, dues changes etc.  This is designed to address member’s concerns about the AGM meetings which can also be fractious.
·         Install a proper budgeting process and define Executive roles within this process with less ambiguity than currently exists.  Expand the role of the Treasurer to that of a chief financial officer.  This will ensure that the financial problems which occurred in 2011 / 12 and currently exist, will not be repeated.
·         Implement purchasing policies and procedures which will attain better value for the Association.  I estimate that the Association could save more than $5000 versus current execution.  (I have extensive experience managing procurement of construction services.)  Ensure that the Association has positive relationships with a number of local contractors and that the Association is represented positively within the broader community.
·         Expend the necessary effort to pursue a grant or tax rebate from the Town of Bracebridge to cover the cost of summer road maintenance.  16 other lakes in Ontario already receive such a grant and I believe that Leech Lake should pursue this.  The budgeting and purchasing procedures mentioned above would be a pre-requisite for this.  Some members believe the Town should take over road maintenance.  I think moving to get some relief from the Town is a solid and actionable objective for the near term.
·         Improve summer road conditions by delivering better value for money.
·         Work with survey results and the Road Committee to revise winter road maintenance specifications with the aim of reducing costs.
·         If the membership agrees, move to register the Association to collect HST on dues.  In 2011, HST was a $4000 expense for the Association.  This money could be better spent on frontline member services rather than being paid out in taxes with no offsets.  I would rescind and modify the 2013 dues increase to compensate members for the impact of this change. 
·         Step up Stewardship efforts with additional funding and activities that have positive results for the lake and community.  Funding will come from cost savings elsewhere and donations from interested members.
·         Work to ensure that the Regatta and perhaps an additional social event for adults become annual community building events for the lake.
·         Introduce a program for Safe & Quiet Boating, building on the MLA program.
·         Don Hill has introduced a Code of Ethics for Executive members, and I support this effort.
Some of these reforms have been presented to the current Executive.  Ideally, these will be put to the membership by the current Executive at the AGM in July.   I am sharing my entire vision for the Association now to provide time for input from you as members, cottagers or residents of Leech Lake.
If you support or are not in favor of some or all of these potential initiatives, please let the current Executive know your thoughts.  You may write to me at ljacobs@packtrax.com.  Or post comments, positive or negative on this blog.
Thank you for your interest in Leech Lake.
Larry Jacobs


At 8:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you Larry for haveing the guts to tell it like it really is.Jerry Cragg (1195 north side)

At 11:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you really campaigning??
What next Larry, election signs along the road side? You're the only one on the lake with the over the top obsessive micromanagement must-always-be-in-control attitude that would bother everyone with your campaign to be in charge of everything, so go for it.
I hope people don't expect much because you are incapable of letting others make decisions, so good luck finding people who will work with you.

At 5:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! My goal/agenda; to enjoy cottage life :-)

At 8:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you go Larry I will vote for you and maybe even go to the meetings again, haven't been in 3 years also glad to see the craggs put the road report on for this week missed it last week,

At 9:46 AM, Anonymous Larry Jacobs said...

Response to anonymous who complains that I am campaigning. Would you prefer someone who doesn't want the position as we have currently? I am committed to seeking out member input and using this to shape priorities for the Association.

I appreciate your input. I am fully aware that there are people on the Executive today that won't want to work within the direction laid out. The vision I laid out was developed with the input of some of the current Executive as well as thought leaders on the lake.
Larry Jacobs

At 10:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Larry I agree with you 100%, something has to change. We haven't been to an annual meeting in 5 yrs no one listens so why go. We fully agree with everything you have said and you will have our full support, believe me there are a lot of frustrated summer residents on Leech Lake.

At 10:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Larry I agree with you 100%, something has to change. We haven't been to an annual meeting in 5 yrs no one listens so why go. We fully agree with everything you have said and you will have our full support, believe me there are a lot of frustrated summer residents on Leech Lake.

At 6:19 PM, Anonymous Don Hill said...

I'm happy to work with you Larry. We have worked on many things in the past and found you to be more than democratic in your decision making process.

I eagerly look forward to working with someone with a plan and the track record of fullfilling it.

Putting signs up for your campaign, maybe not. But if you are looking for someone to go door to door promoting you, just ask.

At 8:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow,what the hell going on up at the lake. Who's pissing on the corn flakes. Larry stop whining like a little kid. You have a no power position on the committee that was given to you to shut you up. Get over it. You should not be telling everyone what too do. You are not the type of person that I would want to lead the lake. We have no need for pig headed people to tell us what is good for us, like you do. Just because there is some thing you want is no reason to force it down other people's throat. Like your "Dilution is the solution" bit, that is so70's and out of date. And anti-fish stocking campaign, that was a another goon one. Give it a rest Larry and let the people on the lake enjoy them self's. Leave the blog for people to give nice feed back not to bitch about stuff or campaign for a committee position. Do that by your self some where else.

At 9:18 PM, Anonymous Larry Jacobs said...

There never was an anti-fish stocking campaign. Simply believed there was a better way to do it. Fewer but larger fish which I campaigned for equals the following outcomes.
Anglers are catching more fish
Small aquatic life levels in the lake are in much better shape. These creatures filter lake water resulting in clearer water.
And we have three successive years of baby loons reaching maturity. These are the first successful loon youngsters since rainbow trout stocking started in the early 80's.
I am simply not going to apologize for doing what has proven to be the right thing.

My aim is to work my tail off to serve all of the people of Leech Lake and to allow people to enjoy themselves at the lake.

I am acutely aware of how some people feel. I'm an ***hole, but I know it. So I find this dialogue constructive if difficult.
Larry Jacobs

At 10:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hear! Hear! Larry.....
North vs South I love it!
Kudos to you Jerry....Great job!

Larry, lets get those free loaders eluding dues and living off the fat of our hard work and well spent monies...I have had it with the back door contracts of drinkin' buddies...Road committee needs a little shake down...Hopefully he's making his resignation as I write...
Cheers and see ya in July at the meeting

At 6:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe a meeting should be call earlier? If we have a dysfunctional Road committee what do we have as executive committee.

At 9:13 AM, Anonymous Larry Jacobs said...

I wouldn't necessarily agree that the Road Committee is dysfunctional. The issue I have with the road committee is that they want to operate completely autonomously from the Executive. I don't think they have always attained good value for member's money because they don't take advice from anyone and the Association has been exploited by some contractors as a result.

Having said that, the reason I stepped forward at this point is because of the interpersonal behavior of its Chair. A verbal and physical altercation took place with another member and contractor recently. I also received a threatening phone call in January. And I was accused of theft last summer. I asked the Executive to deal with this unacceptable behavior last weekend. I was told initially it was not an Association matter. Mr. Hoolans and Mr. Cragg have a history of difficulties. And there are two sides to the story, no doubt. However, Mr. Hoolans represents the Association. In the end the Executive failed to take any type of effective action even though there were a number of options open to them.

Earlier this week, Alan Greenwood who runs this blog was threatened with legal action by Mr. Hoolans if he published an account of the incident.

All of this reflects poorly on Leech Lake and must stop. That is why I came forward at this point in time.
Larry Jacobs

At 9:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Curious as to the science behind stocking larger rainbow trout and loon chicks reaching maturity?

At 11:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree Larry this is an association matter. The association executive should ask for the head of the road committee to resign, in view of all his carrying on. I don't think this will lead to cross burning at the end of our docks or the red necks who live on the lake running around Lakeshore Drive in their pick ups shooting off guns. People remember this is OUR LAKE, do not let a few spoil it for the rest of us. This is nonsense , stop it ! Those of you in the wrong, resign, I wonder what our children think ? Hopefully, this will not deter them from coming to the lake, for fear of retribution. Executive act this is your duty and responsibility.

At 11:25 AM, Anonymous Larry Jacobs said...

We will be reporting all of the findings from Fleming College on the positive changes which have been made to fish stocking in the spring. Small fish tend to feed on small aquatic life near the shoreline. Rock bass had become the dominant fish in Leech Lake (74% of fish in 2005, last census) Rock bass are forage fish that strip the shoreline of beneficial creatures.

Larger fish tend to feed on smaller fish. Stocking larger fish which has been done since 2010, we are told, changes the habits of rock bass leading them to deeper water. This in turn provides better numbers of small aquatic life and therefore higher numbers of minnows which are food for young loons. This may be coincidental, but there is considerable research around this and was part of the lake assessment which was a condition of the stocking license granted in 2010. Loons are voracious feeders. An adult loon can consume 500 lbs of fish in the nesting season. Perhaps loons are now feeding on rock bass rather than consuming small rainbows. (MNR opinion, not mine)

The stewards have worked on understanding the foodweb in the lake as part of the first full assessment of the lake as it relates to fish stocking. Anecdotally, people are telling us that they are catching less rock bass. That may be a change in habit or lower numbers. Don't know as yet.

Hope that helps to explain the linkage between successful young loons and fish in the lake.
Does all of that work sound like a campaign against fish stocking? We don't think so.

Larry Jacobs

At 1:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish myself and my family could get up to the lake more often but seeing this does not make me want to come up.

Jerry's quote "Thank you Larry for haveing the guts to tell it like it really is.Jerry Cragg"

Perhaps people should know how it is at times Jerry. I have been told that a letter was sent out by a contractor, slandering and bashing members and former members of the committee in ways that resemble a childhood bully. In the letter he resigned from all summer maintenance and threatened to resign from winter maintenance if he could find someone to do the job. Later that year while snowblowing the road he blew snow on somebody's vehicle 3 times covering the hood, because that person chose to have another contractor blow his driveway instead of him, this was no mistake. Again acting like a childhood bully. Also while driving into the road while passing a tight area passed the boat launch have had contractor in a green tractor throw his hands in the air, obviously cursing me from viewing his facial expressions just for trying to get past.
What are we to do with these situations and behaviours? Is this behaviour positive of someone who is paid by the people of the lake?
There is a simple solution to all of this, all contractors should be sourced elsewhere, nobody that works on the lake should be working on the roads. Furthermore, if the committee can not come to an agreement, then hire an outside source to control the lake in everyones best interest.

At 2:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your comments on the behaviour or this childish man. I too have had the pleasure of his arrogance. You would think that when you waved at him while snowplowing that he would wave back. Not at all he just glares at you and gives you a dirty look.

At 2:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Talk about childish ways. Why don't we just stick to the issues at hand. Anyone can have a good or bad day. He's probably not glaring at you just looking to see who it is and making sure he doesn't hit your car with his plow. What is this do we live in pleasantvile everyone has to wave and say hello or they are considered childish. There are some serious issues with the leech lake association that need to be corrected immediately. Let's save the hand waving and intrepretion of looks for the trailer park which unfortunately Leech Lake is looking more and more like.

At 2:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good job Jerry with the roads this winter. I don't care if you wave at me or not as you go by. All I care about is that I'm able to safely get to my cottage in the summer and winter.

At 2:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

no, this isn't just a misinterpretation, Jerry has given me, my wife, and our neighbours the same treatment - even getting out to yell at us once. this is a story that is repeated over and over again..

Anyone else notice the coincidence that all this happens right at the end of Jerry's final year on the road clearing contract?

Sounds to me like Jerry knew he was about to lose the contract to someone more capable, unless he makes a shake up and gets the road decision making into someone else's hands.

At 3:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

His work on the road has been just fine in all the time he has had the contract. Maybe it's your buddy who they are going to pay more for the same job? That would explain things..

At 3:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My buddy?
I never said the work was poor, it's his attitude.
I don't have any buddies who might want the job, so I'm not sure what you're getting at there.
Also, I don't know anything about the amounts that are paid for the contract. Ask the road guys if you want that information.
All I know is that Jerry's contract is up, and now he is making a real fuss. seems to me a bit too much of a coincidence.

At 4:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with the comments on Jerry - he is not curteous, EVER, while clearing the road. A couple of years ago he yelled at me for driving in with my car thinking I left it on the road overnight because it was stuck. In fact, my car was fine, not stuck at all, but I had to leave it overnight becuase a pick-up in front of me was stuck and I could not get through. I guess my only mistake was not getting up on my weekend at the crack of dawn to move my car for Jerry or not owning a pick-up truck. Perhaps he should be less presumptious about the people that pay him and less annoyed if we try to use the road while he is blowing it! I hope we have an outside contractor next year with some professionalism.

At 4:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Children please listen.......what about the other 120 or so families who don't go up to the lake in the winter.....do you think we give a rats ass who looks at who or what ever you are getting free for our hard earned dues which you extract from we the summer people. Grow up solve this situation or you won't be getting my dues anymore...and I'm sure another 10 to 20 will follow. You winter people started this fight you winter people have to end this problem, now to your corners time out and shake hands

At 6:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Larry for even wanting to run in the election especially with all this madness. It is a time consuming and thankless job that others want no part of. It begins with thank you's and ends with duty and responsibility...good luck and I would vote for you.

At 7:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

well now I am confused, whether or not jerrys contract is up no one, but on one, should be aggressively approaching him or anyone else for that matter in any kind of capacity. I am not sure but is it not assault if someone is aggressive and physically pulls at someones person, I haven't spoken to jerry about this but come on, whether or not he is a favouriate person of yours or not, is not the point, physical is physical and not cool. I don't think the contract has anything at all to do about this it is I am sure just he had enough we all know the chair does not like him and has not made a secret of it and fair is fair not every one likes everyone that's human nature, but hands off! and I also think that if someone thinks he shouldn't blow snow on the driveway or whatever then it should be taken up with all municipalities at every government level because I know where I live in Brampton that the snow removal service does not stop and consider that he is blocking in my vehicle , throwing snow on it either or the end of my driveway has been filled in again right after I shoveled it for petes sake nor knocking over my garbage containers. Mr. Hoolands take an anger management class, Jerry relax

At 7:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agreed! HANDS OFF! and get some help.

At 8:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please do not turn this into a "summer people" vs"winter people" thing. you benefit from your dues as much as anyone else does, even if you don't come to the cottage all winter long.
Have you ever tried to get insurance quotes for a property that has no emergency access for 6 months of the year? compare those rates to the same place with emergency access and you will see that your dues are far less than the difference in insurance rates on a place that has no access.
your dues also cover all summer road maintenance as well.
Dues are an unfortunate reality of having a vacation property. we pay far lower fees than many other lakes in the area, and we have a fabulous year round road to show for it.
this really has nothing to do with the situation anyway. the executive is in charge of all lake related duties year round, and the problems are not just winter related at all. the problems are not just road related either.
I do agree with you that this stuff needs to be sorted out, but i don't agree with your attitude of 'sort it out or i will stop paying my dues'. the dues have nothing to do with it, neither does winter people vs summer people.
we all pay our dues to make life as comfortable as possible on the lake. i am happy to pay more than my fair share, because i really enjoy the lake, and the dues are such a small amount to pay for easy access year round.

At 11:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I take from your comments that you are a winter person.......if so then be a part of stopping this madness, it isn't the summer guys that are fighting, it's the winter guys ! Don't give me a lecture, I'm mad as hell at what's going on at our lake because of a few jerks...just maybe you are one of them....please stop the madness , that is the most important thing to do right now. The rest will take care of itself in due course if we want it to ENOUGH.

At 9:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is as much a 'winter person' thing as it is a 'guys who live at the lake' thing because they both live there.. does that make sense to you? Is this a 'guys who have hair' thing too? how about 'guys who wear pants' thing?
All you have done is drawn one thing in common between them, and said that 's the reason this is happening.
Your logic just does not make sense. You have as much control over this as I do.
Are you a summer guy? are you on here fighting? right.. if i apply your logic than it sounds like a summer guy thing to me.

why doesn't everyone work together to stop it instead of delegating blame from your desk.

just because some people like to visit their cottage in the winter doesn't make them responsible for what others do on the lake.

At 9:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

come on people, you are missing the originality of the posting, Larry Jacobs wants to throw his hat in the ring to be president of the committee and offer some changes to be voted on. Read it again, let this thing rest and deal with it at the annual meeting.

Stop feeding into this drama and have a happy sunny day.

At 9:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes lets not distract from the original posting. Issues of the lake and not issues between only a few people. How are our annual dues being spent.

At 12:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

agree. whats done is done, now lets look forward to change and progress.
This lake committee really shouldn't be that complex..

At 4:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, I've got a great idea. At the next heated cottage association meeting I'll be sure to video it and post it on you tube and maybe Leech lake can win another award...# crazy people of Leech Lake.

At 7:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps an opportunity for a Reality Show

At 10:12 PM, Anonymous Eva Staneff 1069 said...

Larry thank you for your proposal, it sounds like a thorough and well thought out plan. Despite the fact that I am unaware of all that the executive committee does, I am sure their intentions are for the betterment of Leech Lake or they would not have volunteered in the first place. Volunteering can be a thankless task. I have worked in a number of administrative roles and know how important it is that the head of any group or organization must have a strong commitment, a clear agenda and an aim towards achieveable goals.

I have been a cottager on this lake since 1967 and have seen many changes, all for the betterment of the lake and the cottagers.
I am with you when it comes to the disgust of those who are negligent dues payers,and hope something can be done to relieve those who are faithful so that the things that need to be accomplish can be done. You sound capable of doing that

Whenever something more challenging has to be done you will always run against the grain, but be of heart you will have support if it is in the cottagers interests.

I am avoiding the personality concerns expressed and would like to end with Kudos to all those who have donated their time and efforts to do what many of us will or cannot extend ourselves to volunteer or to act. Thankyou all,

At 8:55 AM, Anonymous Larry Jacobs said...

Eva: Thank you for your comments. I think that is a great way to end this thread.

We need to move forward without all the vitriol. Hopefully the interpersonal issues can be left outside and not brought into the AGM.

We all, me included, need to understand that all of this reflects poorly on our lake.

The more we are divided the less we achieve.

Larry Jacobs

At 7:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

All of these negative posts reflect very poorly on the Leech Lake community. Imagine a prospective cottage purchaser reading any of this nonsense, why would they want any part of this?

At 5:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Unfortunately, the relationship between a valued contractor and neighbour and key members of the Executive does not represent the Association in a positive manner"


Who are you referring to here? ie the valued contractor, the neighbour?

At 11:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Larry is a self declared "a*shole". His mama must be proud. He and his friend have turned everyone away from getting involved, myself included. I didnt even attend the meeting bc of his public slandering of our lake. His ego and his blog is ruining our property value. It makes me so angry. I am not paying my dues and I encourage you all to do the same. Let's send this jerk packing along with that boyfriend of his.

At 5:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just doing some research on purchasing a cottage near Bracebridge. Is it possible to enjoy a cottage at Leech Lake or are there a bunch of whack jobs running around bothering people who try to relax?

My plan is to purchase next spring, but by the sounds of this blog it probably won't be Leech Lake. I will pay my property taxes and take great care of my cottage and property, be a responsible neighbour etc. But the first person who comes around with drama or asks for annual dues will get a boot in the arse.

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