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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Snapping Turtle Action

Below is a note from Valerie Mccoy on a positive step to help save Snapping Turtles. Lets get behind this effort!!!!

The article on Snapping Turtles really surprised me! See below an easy form letter if you want to send a note of protest. I can't imagine a summer without kids yelling "TURTLE" and practically running across the water to get to the nearest dock.


......I've just joined the David Suzuki Foundation and thousands of concerned citizens in calling for an immediate end to the hunting of snapping turtles in Ontario -– a species already on the edge of extinction from hunting, habitat loss, traffic and toxic chemicals.Take action at: http://action.davidsuzuki.org/snappers.

Despite being listed under Canada’s federal endangered species law, right now anyone in Ontario can legally kill up to two snapping turtles a day with a valid recreational hunting or fishing licence. The Ontario government can change this absurd policy – and give the snappers a fighting chance – by banning hunting of snapping turtles across the province. Please join us in demanding that the Ontario government defend these iconic, prehistoric creatures – and, if possible, ask three friends to join us, too. Go to http://action.davidsuzuki.org/snappers and help end the hunt of snapping turtles in Ontario.


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Done. thank you for the post otherwise i would have missed the chance to add my name.

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