Leech Lake, Muskoka

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Friday, December 09, 2011

Road Report Dec. 9, 2011

Hello Fellow Leech Lakers,

Well it seems that Old Man Winter is taking it easy for now over our Beautiful Leech Lake. We were under snow squall warnings (Wednesday) but he decided to blow over. However, he hasn't forgotten us as we did get some snow overnight and today (Friday) we again are under snow squall watch.

We had a maintenance hydro outage out on Monday from 9-12, but not to worry it was not due to weather or cottage pains, this time.

On Thursday we inspected the sand barrels on both sides of the lake (done on a volunteer basis). Some needed topping off which we did except for the one on the south side across the road from 1034 as it was full of water and ice. We could not tip it to drain it as it was too heavy for us, so you young people may want to do this and put some sand in it. It would be appreciated by all. We used the sand provided by the association at the fork of the road, left over from last year. It is almost gone now but hopefully there is enough to do this one barrel.

A section of road on the south side was washed out and we have been informed that it has been repaired, THANK YOU Ms. President, Judith Suraski, and the executive members.

Hope you enjoy the attached photos. Have a safe weekend.

Jerry & Carol Cragg
1195 North Side
705-645-8851 (call anytime)


At 3:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay! Another update. It is great to get these, especially for those of us longing for spring and summer to return to the cottage. We can live on beautiful Leech Lake vicariously through your reports and pictures. Please don't stop sending them.


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