Leech Lake, Muskoka

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Lake Water Levels

This past weekend (April 21st) the discussion of lake water levels arose once again as a person came down armed to remove some of the beaver damn in the runoff beside our place (right side of lake where the lake discharges through a large culvert, "Black Beard Falls"). It appears that he hasn't been the first even though I am told the ice has only recently gone out!

The issue of water levels is an emotional one for those who have docks, cottages etc that haven't been designed to allow higher levels versus those who believe the higher levels are better for a number of reasons. Being where we are - we have seen everything from people actually digging out a trench - to others blocking the culverts with plywood.

Our concern on trying to decrease lake levels so early is that if water levels by summer are abnormally low - it could contribute to phosphates levels - then algae growth. Even the remote chance that we could have a blue-green algae bloom similar to that of Three Mile Lake in 2005 (in which no-one could use the Lake water for any purpose) makes us shudder. If the summer is unusually hot or rainfall unusually low - it will influence the temperature & phosphate levels. Unfortunately we won't be able to put the water back in the lake.

We personally question that the water levels are abnormally high for this time of year. Perhaps for June - but we are only in April.

Regardless - no-one knows what the "right" water levels are & personal opinions won't do. No individual has the right to control lake levels - high or low. We need to come to some consensus as a community on when the water levels are too high versus time of year.

I will once again try to set-up a larger meeting with the MNR as soon as possible. We will post the date & location for interested parties.

Take care, Valerie


At 2:48 PM, Blogger Craig B said...

The Beaver Dam can be removed by ANYONE on the lake. This has been a huge problem all year. Peoples Cottages are now located in the lake because of the flooding. This is not normal flow for the lake. If you go to the culvert, there is near next to no flow. Below are listings from Fisheries and Oceans Canada can be found at


" Home: Habitat Management: Operational Statements, Reviews and Authorizations: Operational Statements: Ontario: Ontario Beaver Dam Removal
Habitat Management Program

Operational Statement

Version 2.0
Valid until March 31, 2007

Beaver dams may need to be removed or breached periodically to protect, maintain or construct infrastructure or to avoid the flooding of private and public land. Although beaver dams may provide fish habitat by creating upstream ponds, stabilizing flows and adding woody debris for cover, they may also present a barrier to fish movement, alter sediment transport regimes and increase water temperatures. Removal of beaver dams can negatively affect fish and fish habitat by de-watering the upstream pond, stranding fish and releasing sediment and large volumes of water (that can be devoid of oxygen, particularly in winter) downstream. The breaching or removal of a beaver dam may not prevent future beaver activity in the area. Persistent breaching or removal of a beaver dam can increase the risk of negative impacts to fish habitat. In these instances, other beaver management techniques should be considered.

You may proceed with your Beaver Dam Removal Project without a DFO review when you meet the following conditions:


removal of the dam will not adversely affect a fishery, or recreational or property uses that depend on the dam's existence, both upstream and downstream,

removal activities are limited to removing or breaching the beaver dam itself and do not involve channel modification (e.g., widening, straightening, ditching, etc.),

individual detonations of more than one kilogram of explosives will not be used to remove the dam (diesel fuel and fertilizer is not to be used as a type of explosive),

the removal does not involve a beaver dam that is directly connected with a culvert or bridge (removal in these situations is addressed in Operational Statements for Culvert Maintenance and Bridge Maintenance), and

you incorporate the Measures to Protect Fish and Fish Habitat when Removing Beaver Dams listed below.

Here is a link to another Cottage Association concerning a beaver dam removal.


Part One – Complaints about Beaver Dams

I received a few emails this summer regarding problems caused by high water; wherein, cottagers stated that docks and cribs were covered by water well into the summer, shorelines were being eroded (mine included) and, in some situations, boathouses were impossible to use. According to the emails, the beavers on the Deere River were the culprits and had to be dealt with, ie. eliminated. As a follow-up, I contacted the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) in Bancroft and Councillor Barry Rand, the municipal representative for the Crowe Valley Conservation Authority (CVCA). Councillor Rand spoke to the CVCA authorities and found that they do not remove beaver dams, and when I visited the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) office, the response was the same. However, the MNR did indicate that the public has the right to remove nuisance beavers and their dams if they are damaging properties, but do wish to be informed if such is occurring. The CVCA also requested that they be called if a beaver dam is being dismantled, as an increase in water flow into the Crowe River could cause problems for the flood control dams in the Crowe Valley watershed. "

At 8:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The water levels on the lake this past fall and this spring are the highest they have ever been on Leech Lake. There are a lot of cottages that are now "in the Lake" This may not be a problem if your cottage is on a hill but many are not. In the past the beaver population was keep down on the lake by trapping But since the person who had a trappers licence and trapped the beavers has moved we have seen problems. I think its nice to see the wild life at all times but when you see your place in the water some thing has to be done

At 8:15 PM, Blogger Rick & Valerie McCoy said...

Hi Craig,
Thanks for the info. We won't debate whether a dam can be removed...we will leave this for the meeting. I guess our burning question is SHOULD it be ...& so early esp. given the report on phosphate levels. We are not talking about keeping abnormally high levels - only about preventing low levels. And are they abnormally high.

I wasn't aware that there has been flooding all year - perhaps we missed it? What do you mean by all year - was it in the winter? & how many cottages have been impacted? We would like to hear about how extensive the damage is and get some conversations going with more of those who have opinions on this. It would be helpful for our meeting.
The McCoy's

At 7:32 AM, Blogger Craig B said...

Before the winter i was taking down the dam every morning and evening in the fall and before the ice formed, to prevent damage to some cottages. Our neighbours have received a letter from the mnr stating that the dam can be removed. The lake was abnormally high in the summer and all through out the spring. Something has to be done now to lower the level so that peoples properties aren't underwater. i was at the culvert this morning and there was next to nothing flowing through.

At 8:26 AM, Anonymous Dean Buchinski said...

The water on the lake is at it highest ever. My neigbours cottage is in the water. Many docks at the other end of the lake are under water as mine is.If you are worried about phosphates levels, keeping the water in will not help. It would help better if the water discharged normaly through the culvert as it has in the past. Right now the water is about 18 to 24 inch higher then what is normal at this time of year.

At 7:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

having been at leech lake for 25 yrs, i can state that i have NEVER seen the water levels this high!!!
NOT even when we had a family of 6 beavers living on the lake.
what i have seen is folks blocking the outlet to make the lake higher for their bigger boats, and their blockage was removed, as should be the beaver dam...the water should flow as it is supposed to, whether the blockage is manmade or beavermade.
being a spring fed lake, we are not subject to the fluctuations the larger lakes experience, so we have not had to build the docks to take these large fluctuations into account.
also, on the higher phosphate levels......the answer to decreasing the phosphates in the lake is obviously using less phosphates...how many of you have washing machines? dishwashers? have your septic systems been checked/emptied? we did not have this problem in years gone by, it was a COTTAGE lake...not permanent residential neighborhood....the lake has no chance to recover....it is being assaulted year round....that is why the phosphate level is higher than ever

At 11:36 PM, Blogger Rick & Valerie McCoy said...


The MNR is coming in Sat May 19 around 3pm. We will meet at our place by the run-off (if the bugs are bad - we can hang out inside).

John has asked that the person with the letter e-mail a copy in advance along with the file # - john.vangeene@ontario.ca

For those who don’t know – we are that cottage permanently under construction beside the runoff. The name is Hembling - McCoy. John cautioned that he may be late - he has a full day with pickeral season.

By the way anonymous- I think pointing a finger at the permanent residences is really quite a stretch unless you know something we don’t. Hopefully you will “come out” on the 19th.


At 10:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

am not pointing a finger at the permanent residents....but..i have noticed more problems with the lake since bigger 4 season 'cottages' have been built to accomadate year round living. it is common sense that the lake has no chance to recover from the additional stresses of having year round use of washing machines and dish washers versus NOT having them.
and no....i won't attend 'your' meeting....has nothing to do with me....i have the right to remove a beaver dam if it is causing flooding on my property...i also have the right to walk or ride down and remove sheets of plywood folks try to raise the water with so they can enjoy the larger boats on this small lake.....and more than any of that....i have the right to free speech....have a good day....continue the bickering
over roads, lake quality, and whatever while i sit back and have a beer and watch the loons....IF some idiot isn't chasing them with their big old boat.....

At 7:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have talked to the MNR Superintendent for the area of Bracebridge, and they can not do anything unless Every property owner on the lake agrees that the dam needs to be removed. And we all know that’s not going to happen. So this meeting on Saturday seems to be a huge waste of time, when something can be done about it very easily.

At 6:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Murray H. wrote:
With regard to lake levels, it is imperative that we keep levels as high as
possible but the old adage....."Dilution helps the Solution" is so true when
talking about nutrient concentrations in the lake. As an association we
must encourage anyone who has structures build too close to the high water
mark to move them. I personally would volunteer some of my time to help my
neighbours do exactly this.

At 7:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don H. writes;
More water reduces polutent concentrations and therefore I vote for higher water levels. How high? I say take it up to the level where the nutrients are supposed to be in this lake. This is an interum solution that satisfies our polution problem.

If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Murray, thankyou for you for offering your support to help your neighbours. Thanks Valerie for setting up this meeting with the MNR and trying to find a reasonable solution for all of us.

Let's talk about solutions people and ways we can support each other.

At 9:59 PM, Blogger Rick & Valerie McCoy said...


I am beginning to think that Lake Stewardship or perhaps intentions are misunderstood.

For clarification - we are weekend residents - not on a hill – with a just-pumped septic – eco cleaning stuff – flooded waterfront – no motorized boats – & no hidden agenda other than enjoying the beautiful place that we all share. And to that - we choose to “put some skin in the game”. We will sacrifice some precious weekend time to get "out there" and work for our collective benefit. I want to leave the family jewel that I have enjoyed for 35 years - Leech Lake - in pristine condition for my children some day.

Please don’t lump all those concerned with water quality in with those involved in other issues such as road controversy. This is not a Cottager’s Association group.

The meeting on the 19th is not a “THEM vs. Us” meeting - water quality impacts everyone on the lake & the ultimate goal of clean water is shared by all.

I hope everyone that everyone with an opinion either way joins.



At 9:40 AM, Anonymous Dean Buchinski said...

This is getting real stuiped.

Fact 1 Water levels on the lake are higher than ever and are impacting peoples use and enjoyment of there property's.

Fact 2 Raising the water level will not help the lake quality. The phosphate levels must be controled at the source. eg. leaking septic tanks, grey water discharges and others.

Fact 3 Year round residents are not the problem. 10 years ago less than half the cottage's on the lake where used every weekend. Now I would say a least 70 to 80% are used on summer weekends. During the winter what is there maybe 15 cottages used year round and maybe the same number on the weekend.

Fact 4 Breaking the beaver dam will not solove the problem either. The beaver will just plug it up again.

Fact 5 This will also lead to more trees removed from peoples property. My front and side property are now bare which will now lead to more water run off with no buffer zone which will now afect the water quality.
There are ways such are putting in a 4 inch pipe thru the dam to let a continues drain out as there has always been.
I am willing to go to the meeting with the MNR but we have been in contact with them and there is not much they can do. Beaver and dam control are looked after under the Ministry of Fisherys and Oceans.
We have 3 options as far as I can see.
1 Relocate the Beaver. This can be done if everyone agrees.
2 Have the beaver trapped and killed.
3 Leave the beaver and put in a drainage tube.

At 1:35 PM, Blogger Rick & Valerie McCoy said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 1:50 PM, Blogger Rick & Valerie McCoy said...

Hi All,

For clarity – John at the MNR has been invited in because that is who initiated conversations with us on water levels in 2005. We don’t know who called them then - it was regarding the plywood in the culvert. John came to talk to us – either because of where we are or because he thought it was us. We made it clear that although we have strong opinions - we do nothing to impact the water levels.

Dean – if you think it is valuable to have the Ministry of Fisheries and Oceans in, perhaps you could contact them if our 19th meeting isn’t satisfactory. I did leave a message with John at the MNR asking for a comment on jurisdiction on the 19th.

We personally welcome whatever it takes to get these issues fixed. We are getting frustrated with both increasing algae growth in summer & the parade of folks trying to optimize water levels for their personal taste.

I agree on the comment about the beaver cutting trees – I saw more chewed through between us & the neighbors this weekend.

The dam was torn out significantly on Thursday the 10th so the water level has dropped dramatically. Do people still think the water level is high right now?


At 2:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

nope....we were out this past week and water was back to down normal levels for this time of year..and my gauge is a tree on my property that i have used all these yrs to decide if water was down or not..same tree....is back where it usually is..or was the other day when i was there

At 7:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Water levels seem to be at a normal level now. In regards to opening up the dam, people have to be careful not to open it up too much or the road will be washed out.

At 11:41 AM, Anonymous Dean Buchinski said...

The Lake level are at what they should be now for this time of year. It should drop about another 10 to 12 inches over the summer. The ministry of fisheries and ocean will not come out unless the dam is causing serious damage or removale will cause damage to fish or fish habitat.
For minor issues its up to the property owners and if they want to get the Conservation department involed to relocate the beaver.

At 6:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Please find below notes from the MNR meeting on May 19th. Will participants kindly review & comment on omissions or corrections by either posting or e-mailing at vmccoy@rogers.com.

Thanks, Valerie

Meeting Date: May 19, 2007
Location: Hembling / McCoy Cottage

The objective of the meeting was to discuss the lake water levels and the beaver dam.


John van Geene, Conservation Officer, MNR had visited the run-off site (Right side of Lakeshore Rd between O’Hara & Hembling / McCoy) in 2005 to investigate the placement of plywood over the culvert. The visit would have been a result of a complaint to the MNR (the person(s) who had raised the issue are not known). John had asked the McCoy’s about activity in the run-off area and a discussion about the water levels took place. In 2006 John was scheduled to meet with the LLSC but the meeting was postponed due to a conflict in John’s schedule. The meeting was rescheduled in May and open to all with concerns on water levels. The meeting date and location was posted on the blog, e-mailed to the Stewardship committee, and notice passed by “word of mouth”. In attendance were approx a dozen cottagers and permanent residents with differing opinions on the appropriate water levels.

Discussion Highlights
• Some participants were of the opinion that the levels were higher than “normal” and had negative impact on property and the dam needed to be removed to keep the lake at a “normal” level.
• Others believed that the levels were “normal” for the time of year and that property should be designed to account for fluctuations.
• Some had the opinion that the high water level would contribute to algae growth
• Others cited more water was preferred for dilution purposes.
• Some reported algae blooms last summer and one reported a decrease
• Leech Lake was categorized last May as “moderate” for phosphate levels
• Phosphates are brought in from a variety of sources – decaying vegetation, septics, spring water from other lakes.
• Septic systems are a heavy contributor and removal of vegetation around the lake (the buffer zone) aggravate the problem.
• As the dam is removed, the beaver cuts down small trees to replace the dam – further depleting the buffer zone.
• Many reported small trees being chewed on their properties.
• A blueprint shows the dam is on town property
• People did have the right to remove it if it was damaging property with permission from the town
• A person removing the dam is liable for any damage that result from that action
• Higher nutrient loading combined with warm water temperatures will support algae growth later in the summer.
• Beaver populations will increase as long as there is food to support them.
• Giardiasis (beaver fever) can be contracted through beaver feces and can case serious symptoms especially in children.
• Trappers can be hired but pelts are not valuable in summer months so they need to be paid.
• A concrete dam can be installed to control levels but a process needs to be followed
• Normal levels can be determined by using T-bars installed in the lake bed.

Proposed Action Plan

John discussed the process of determining appropriate water levels & maintaining them. Below are John’s notes of the process to be followed and the stakeholders that need to be involved. They are reproduced as written with comments for clarification in brackets.

1. Cottage Association (need letter sent from LLCA to all property owners for agreement on any changes to water levels)
2. Committee Dam  Levels (need to form a committee to contact all stakeholders, do studies on levels and possibly have a “beaver proof” concrete dam installed. It will be important to understand how the levels will change over the seasons and to ensure no-one is negatively impacted)
3. Town of Bracebridge: Own Block A where dam is (Contact & consult)
4. Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR): Lake and Rive Improvement Act (LRIA) for dam and stream (Contact & consult)
5. Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO): re: fish habitat (Contact & consult)
6. District Municipality of Muskoka (DMM) Re water enrichment
7. Private Environmental Consultant (could help to establish levels & design dam)
8. Trappers
9. MOE re: septics
10. Notify Leech Lake Cottagers re: levels + leave dam alone! (John’s written comments)

• MNR Call Gord Martin 646-5515 re application under LRIA
• DFO 28 Wanbeek 705-746-2196

The general consensus after the meeting was that repeatedly removing the dam will be counterproductive because the beavers will keep cutting down trees to replace it. This will both increase the risk of beaver flu and further destroy the buffer zone. Trapping of beaver should be seriously considered. The process outlined by John should be started. Dean B. volunteered to participate.

Next Steps

V.McCoy to contact the MNR for trappers names (complete and waiting for reply)

V.McCoy to write up meeting notes and post for discussion before forwarding to LLCA.

At 7:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

20 years ago there were 7 families of permanent residents, 10 years ago there were 9 families of permanent residents and at this time there are 7 families of permanent residents. Some of the families have changed, but the numbers have remained consistent throughout the years.

At 8:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the needs of the families 20 yrs ago were different....they took their laundry to town, didn't have 3 bathrooms, and worked on the road for free.....*S

At 1:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow -talk about being stuck in a rut.

At 6:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"what if we have unusually low rain and high heat...."

Well, now we know. Water levels are way down and people with low cottages are now well above the water level. This is unfair for most people that have higher cottages/docks that now have to live with the water being further away from their docks.

Low water levels also creates an issue with rocks close to the suface. I now have to dodge rocks that I could harldy see before when I canoe. Plenty of rocks around the "one tree island" are really close to the surface causing increased danger for boaters.

The outlet shouldn't be tampered with by anyone, even if it poses a problem for your shed being flooded. Yes, if you live across from the boat launch and you have a low shed, move it instead of moving rocks blocking the outlet.

At 2:56 PM, Anonymous dean Buchinski said...

Water levels on the lake are still good. They are no lower than normal. Usualy at this time of year there are rocks sticking on all over the place. In past years I have been able to walk on the top of rocks all the way from my property to the boat launch and this was normal. We have hot had much rain this summer but it has been cooler and that has helped to keep the water level a bit higher. I still say the beavers have to go. They are still clearing out all the trees at the water front and at the sides of my property. Every morning there is fresh chewed wood in water by my dock.

At 11:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oct 29th

We haven't seen the beaver in ages. The otters seem to have moved in. I think that the cycle of people pulling out the dam - and beaver repairing may have been broken. No running water - no anxious beaver? Unless someone got rid of them? I provided trappers names to the LLCA with the meeting report but didn't hear that action was taken to remove them. I noticed that Dean still has them chewing up his place. Has anyone else had recent sightings??

Valerie McCoy

At 10:31 AM, Anonymous Dean Buchinski said...

The Beavers are still on the lake by seemed to have stopped triming our trees, but the Otters are having alot of fun in front of our place. They play in the water on on our dock and you can see them sitting on the rocks eating fish from time to time.The water level seems to be at a normal level for this time of year. It is by no means any were near what is was last fall.

Dean Buchinski

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